The transportation industry is under a lot of pressure to improve roadway safety and mobility. At the same time, public agencies are being asked to do more with less budget, staff, and resources.  

The future of efficient and sustainable traffic operations and maintenance relies on the power of analytics, digitizing the monitoring and maintenance of roadways and leveraging managed service expertise. 

Iteris is hosting a four-part webinar series that focuses on a new and innovative approach to managed services – from traffic signal operations to maintenance of traffic (MOT) for highway construction projects to asset monitoring and management. 

In part 4, we will share Iteris’ innovative approach to managing transportation maintenance-related activities and system assets to increase uptime reliability, increase trouble call efficiency and decrease unsafe field visits. 

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Industry challenges and the disadvantages of traditional traffic signal maintenance
  • Maintenance management leveraging asset management and 24/7 health monitoring 
  • Real-world benefits for agencies and the traveling public

This webinar is intended for agencies, consultants, and integrators responsible for managing and maintaining ITS assets and infrastructure.

In case you missed part one, part two or part three in the series, you can view the recordings for each on demand. 

Watch the webinar.