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Part 3: 

Leveraging Traffic Data to Optimize Safety and Mobility

Whether you are a veteran traffic engineer or are just starting your career, solving today’s transportation challenges are well within reach.

But with constant innovations in smart mobility technologies, the variety of in-cabinet and cloud-based strategies you can use to optimize traffic operations can be overwhelming.

To separate the signal from the noise, Iteris is hosting a series of educational online workshops, where smart transportation practitioners will break down what makes a smarter, more modern intersection.

In case you missed part one or part two in the series, you can view the recordings for each on demand.

In part three, we will discuss how agencies are using data and analytics from smart intersections to:

  • Improve operations of the intersection to optimize mobility and safety
  • Apply advanced applications to conduct more advanced safety ITS and TSM&O functions
  • Conduct data-driven planning to improve performance management, transportation and overall community planning
  • Operate arterials efficiently by optimizing intersections and the whole transportation network

Watch the webinar.